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Can I set the Registration page up for Russian?

I will be holding a webinar in Russian - can i set the registration page up to reflect this?

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LogMeIn Manager

Re: Can I set the Registration page up for Russian?

Hi @Crystal7,


Unfortunately, GoToWebinar does not have support for the Russian language at this time. You can write your webinar description and custom questions in Russian but, the standard registration form will display instructions in English.


One possible work around may be to use one of the available integrations to manage the registration process however, the GoToWebinar interface will still bein English for the webinar.

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New Contributor

Russian interface

Dear GoToWebinar Team. I believe GoToWebinar is the best service, but it does not have a Russian interface. Is it planned to localize the service?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Russian interface

@a_kononenko  I'm sorry, we don't have any new updates to share with customers.  If support for Russian is developed we will post a notification to the Community for GoToWebinar users.

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Re: Russian interface

Thank you for answer.
If it could be interesting I'm ready to help with translation and testing.
Typical russian people aren't familiar with English Smiley Happy
Thus russian emails and notifications are neccesary at least. Surely a mean attendies interface first of all, not the host/organiser.
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Re: Can I set the Registration page up for Russian?


My company is also interested in having Russian as a language supported by GTW.. Any update on this topic...?