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Customizing the Questions Pane Answers

Canned Responses in the Questions pane - I have a client who wants to prepare answers in advance (like will they provide slides, how to find the recording or a product question) - how do you do this?
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Re: Customizing the Questions Pane Answers


Currently the only way to do this is to type out the answers in a text editor like Notepad or Word, and then copy and paste them into the Q and A as a response. Another option would be to show a slide of the most common questions and answer them in the webinar, then open it up for any follow up questions.
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Re: Customizing the Questions Pane Answers

Couldn't you also pose/answer the questions during prep using the Chat option that allows staff questions? Then the list is already on the board and you should be able to recycle the answers.

We face this as well. No matter how many times you state or write that the presentation will be shared, the link to the handout is X, no recording -whatever - someone then individually asks.

Sometimes I key information, like a URL in staff chat so I can easily grab it for copy/paste if the question is asked.