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Embed Your GoToStage Videos



I am really interested in embadding recordings on my site, but I need all of the data from the customized registration form, not just first name, last name, email address. Is it possible to edit the code to go to the full registration form so it goes there instead of to the simplified registration form?

Fran Simon
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Re: Embed Your GoToStage Videos

@Fran_Simon  I'm sorry, basic registration for recordings is currently the only functionality available for the Embedding tool.

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Re: Embed Your GoToStage Videos


I have followed these steps but do not see the embed options on my version of gotostage - what type of permissions do you need to see this in GTW? Also - is there a way to use a custom registration page on the channel or is the only option the default GTW registration form?

If we have an integration through Marketo - does this allow for that form to be used on the channel as well?

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Re: Embed Your GoToStage Videos


You should have this work flow available to you: 

  1. Access your channel.
  2. Click the desired video you'd like to embed.
  3. Click the Embed icon.
  4. Select your preferred video dimensions and click Copy.
  5. Paste the copied link anywhere! By default, viewers will need to fill out the basic registration form which includes first and last name and email address.