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New Contributor

Extremely poor video

I have a PowerPoint presentation with imbedded video. I show the text then go to the video example then back to the text then move on to the next chart. Unfortunately when I present the video imbedded in the PowerPoint chart its too choppy to understand. It was recommended that I upload the videos to the Webinar site for better quality. I did that and that is definately NOT a workable solition for several reasons

1. The site only allows up to five videos. My presentations have up to fifteen video clips

2. The transition from PowerPoint to video and back to PowerPoint is extremely combersom for the the point wher it's unusable. Secondly, transitions addes too long of a delay for the users to wait for the transition to finish and pock back up with the PowerPoint

I'm dying here. I've been living with this for about three years now and I'm about done. I can't beleive how terrible this is and the hours and hours of  wasted time to I have to invest to make this work in some way. I can't beleive such a basic capabilty (to upload  PowerPoint charts (with imbedded video)) doesn't exist in a professional application.  I give it ten thumbs down.


Respected Contributor

Re: Extremely poor video

I also wish we could upload more then five videos to a single webinar.

I agree the process to move from PowerPoint to uploaded video is cumbersome, but with practice, I have managed to do it fairly quickly.