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New Contributor

'Follow-up Email to Attendees' in Series of Three (3) GoToWebinars

How do I ensure that a Follow Up Email will be sent to all of my attendees for the first GoToWebinar in a series of three?    The Setting displays 'Follow-up Email to Attendees: Send 1 Hour after the last session ', which leads me to believe that the emails will only be sent after the final webinar in the series. Thank you.            
Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi Kim, if you setup your webinar so that attendees only have to register once for multiple sessions, you can only send one follow-up email at the end of the final session. To send multiple follow-up emails, you will need to setup your webinars so that attendees have to register for each individual session.

New Contributor

Hi Michael,
A follow-up email should be sent after EACH session. This is absolutely not acceptable that it is not possible to do so.