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Kevin Dowdle
New Contributor

GoToWebcast - HTML5POINT Watermark

We're doing a live Webcast right now. We uploaded our Powerpoint slides earlier today, and they were totally clean. But in the live Webcast (as both an attendee and a presenter) there is a watermark for something called HTML5POINT in the bottom right hand corner of every slide. We can't get rid of this at all.

Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GoToWebcast - HTML5POINT Watermark

Hi Kevin, I apologize for this issue you've run into during your live webcast. Had you run a test webcast earlier and the watermark wasn't present, and it only just appeared? Have you tried reuploading the slides to your webcast?

Unfortunately, our team does not typically support webcast; please reach out to the dedicated Webcast support team at and they should better be able to assist you with this problem.

Kevin Dowdle
New Contributor

Re: GoToWebcast - HTML5POINT Watermark

Thanks Michael,

We did not do a test webcast for this. We've never had this kind of issue in the past, so we just uploaded the .ppt file as normal today and thought everything would be fine.

We've not tried reuploading the slides.

I'm going to try creating a new Event now.

I've reached out to GTW support and they're going to get back to me.
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GoToWebcast - HTML5POINT Watermark

Hi Kevin,
I'm sorry the terminologies are a bit confusing.  GoTo WEBCAST is not the same as GoTo WEBINAR.  Webcasts have a different support network that we do not have access to from here unfortunately.  This team does have an email support alias available at