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Re: Handouts - A new GoToWebinar feature.

Okay, I've tested both ways and it has worked without issue. I think it would be best to work directly with one of our Reps, they can connect to your computer and troubleshoot with you. Do you have any Internet security software installed that could possibly be blocking the upload? 
Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: Handouts - A new GoToWebinar feature.

Thanks very much for your time testing and responding. It is very possible that our security software could be interfering somehow. I will follow-up with a support rep later on.

Thanks again for the quick resplies, Glenn! I am excited to use this feature.
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Re: Handouts - A new GoToWebinar feature.

Hi Glenn! Looks like great functionality, thank you! I was testing this feature today using the web version on Chrome. I was able to upload an Excel file from my desktop, but the browser froze when I tried dragging in another file. It actually added the file to the "downloads" bar instead which is odd (see screenshot - DRAFT Area of Interest Word document). After I re-started the browser and got back into editing the event, I could not drag more files of any type to the handouts upload section. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Handouts - A new GoToWebinar feature.

I love the idea of the handouts feature.  I did a webinar with about 400 attendees and we had mixed reviews - some of the attendees were able to download the handout and others were not. I even uploaded it twice.  It also did not attach to my post-webinar emails - is that automatic? There was no place to say attach.  Definitely will try and problem solve it before my next webinar.  Love the feature idea!  See lots of possibilities. 
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Re: Handouts - A new GoToWebinar feature.

I had success with the new tool, but also a problem. I always have someone log in as a panelist and promote that person to an organizer to help me with the backchannel, but the handouts feature will not allow that person to upload handouts during the session. It would be very helpful to allow all organizers to upload handouts. There are some we post before we start, but there are others that have to be added at the very end of the session, and we need the second person to do it.
Fran Simon
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Re: Handouts - A new GoToWebinar feature.

Agreed. We have made it a rule in our company that we always have a licensed "Co-" for every webinar (ye olde "beer truck scenario": can have all intentions to be at work that day, and then get hit with the flu or internet issues...), so our "Co-"s all need to have the power of the original Organizer. Including adding Handouts or another licensed "Co-"!
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Re: Handouts - A new GoToWebinar feature.

Just to update, after I reached out to Citrix Support I was able to figure out what was going on. It turned out there were some firewall blocks on my end that were getting in the way. 

I've since been able to use the feature for my webinars. Thank you for adding it! 
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Re: Handouts - A new GoToWebinar feature.

Now that I've been using Handouts for a couple months, I thought I'd post the answers to my own questions above (for those who are curious.) 

1) For a webinar series, uploading a document once on the "Manage Webinar" page will make it available for all sessions of that series. (I do not know if dragging and dropping during a session works the same way, because I haven't been able to successfully drag and drop during a session yet.) 

2) No, handouts are not available for attendees to download after a session ends. Attendees can only download handouts while the webinar is in session. 

3) No, people registered for a webinar will not be notified when a new attachment is uploaded to Handouts, because they can't download attachments before the webinar anyway. 

4) No, there currently seems to be no way to give access to Handouts for people watching an archived recording. 
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Re: Handouts - A new GoToWebinar feature.

Overall I am pleased with the Handouts feature, and I'd like to express appreciation for all the fantastic people at Citrix working hard to constantly improve their product. 

Having said that, I do have some suggestions for improving this feature in the future: 

Ability for Organizers to select Handouts when configuring the webinar email templates (Confirmation Email, Reminder Email, Follow-up Emails, etc.) 
  • Similar to the current functionality of selecting recordings in the email setup. 
  • This would allow registrants to download Handouts before and/or after webinars, including absentees. 
  • If the download links in the emails were unique for each registrant, then that would also allow for effective tracking of who had downloaded which documents. 

Ability to download select Handouts for those who register after the webinar ends, and need to watch the recording instead.
  • Again, since people still need to register before watching the recording, it could still allow for effective reporting of those downloads. 

Report information on Handouts downloads.
  • Being able to know how many times a handout was downloaded, and who downloaded it, would be extremely valuable information. 
  • This would help us reduce the materials that people seem uninterested in, and focus more on the most popular Handouts.
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Re: Handouts - A new GoToWebinar feature.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Two thoughts on Handouts.

1) Drag and drop doesn't work for me. I just get a little circle with a line through it icon. I'm using build 3277 and Windows 10. I tried to drag a PDF file, haven't tried others yet. Browse option worked fine.

2) I wish you could add ZIP files to the uploadable types. This would allow us to upload many other types by zipping them up first.

The feature was very well received by my audience, thank you.