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Active Contributor

Missing info when previewing confirmation email

Issue with the new interface: I customized my confirmation email to add some additional instructions for attendees, but when I selected the Preview Confirmation Email option, the information that I added does not show up in the preview.  Any thoughts? Can this be fixed? (By the way, I also customized the reminder emails and the information I added does show up in the preview of th reminder emails, so it is just the confirmation that has an issue with the preview.) Thanks. 

Active Contributor

Re: Missing info when previewing confirmation email

This is still an issue. When you select Preview Confirmation Email, it's missing information. Anything that was added to one of the customization boxes does not show in the Preview. Would be nice if the Preview function allowed you to preview the actual email. Kind of defeats the purpose if you can't preview the whole email. I do register as an attendee which allows me to see the real confirmation, but still would be nice if the Preview function gave you an actual preview! Thanks.