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No sound through the speakers

Operating system: Windows 7. All updates installed.
Browser: Chrome, latest version.
Java is installed.

I've signed up for a Webinar on Friday and tried to get my browser set up and ready, but I cannot get any sound to come through the speakers.

When I click on "join a test session" the microphone is working and picking up audio, displaying it on the bar graph, but there is no audio playing through the speakers. I have tried the following things but cannot get any audio whatsoever:

Changed the options in the onscreen pulldown list, from 'default' , to "Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)" setting. I also tried 'Communications' although I won't be using that option during the webinar.

Checked my audio playback levels in the Windows Volume Mixer window. All are at 100% .

The computer speakers are not muted. Windows sounds are working fine, along with video playback during web browsing.

I've gone to Control Panel and opened 'Sound' settings. Playback tab only has 'Speakers' listed and is set as the default device. I've selected 'Speakers' and clicked on 'Configure'. Clicking on 'Test' confirms the speakers are working with a test audio signal audible. I've checked the properties tab and gone through all the options which look okay. Level is 100%. Under the 'Enhancements' tab the only setting I'm unsure of is 'Immediate Mode' which is ticked but I don't think this is the issue.  

In the Recording tab I have both Microphone and Stereo Mix listed. I have tried changing the Stereo Mix to default device but this didn't fix it.

Right clicking on the volume control icon in the tray and selected 'Volume Control Options'. All 3 are ticked including Sound Devices: Speakers.

I can't really find any other options that might be responsible for causing the problem and I've pretty much exhausted every relevant suggestion supplied in the help section of the GoToMeeting website.

Any help is really appreciated! Thanks.
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: No sound through the speakers

Hi Barbara,
Thanks for the details on your case. 
Did you get a chance to click the 'Test your audio' while in the GoToMeeting test meeting, in order to check fo activity bars and see if any audio comes out?

Next, I would go directly to your PC's manufacturer website, confirm the Product ID, and check for all available driver updates.  Reboot, and then test your audio once again:

New Contributor

Re: No sound through the speakers

Hi Ash,
Yes I clicked on the 'Test your audio' link and tried the 3 sound options that it gave me but no sound or anything visible on the green sound level bar. The microphone works, but not the speakers.

I have downloaded and installed the latest Realtek sound drivers this morning, and re-booted, but still no sound! The audio works perfectly on everything else with the computer (mp3s, videos, youtube etc).

Thanks 🙂 
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: No sound through the speakers

Were there any driver updates from your computer's manufacturer?

New Contributor

Re: No sound through the speakers

No, everything has already been updated - both the manufacturer and Microsoft updates.
I do have Internet Explorer installed and I will try using that as my webinar is only less than 2 days away.
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: No sound through the speakers

Feel free to give us a call directly to help with the troubleshooing over there:

New Contributor

Re: No sound through the speakers

I've tried IE and it is working okay with the sound, so the problem appears to be something in Google Chrome although I'm not sure what as the settings are pretty much all set to default.

I'll use Internet Explorer on the day rather than spend more time trying to fix the issue in Chrome.

Thanks for your suggestions and help Ash  🙂 
New Contributor

Re: No sound through the speakers

same happened me on 3 different PCs.   Can't use them for anything without a headset after installing gotomeeting software..  Bummer...!!