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New Contributor

Text/picture overlay

Hi everyone,


Is it possible in GoToWebinar to add a text or picture overlay?  For instance, if i would like to give extra information about technical issues, the next webinar, ...


It would be nice to have the text scroll over the screen or give a subtitle during the webinar so i don't have to interrupt the speaker.


Is this possible? Will this be possible in the (near) future?


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Text/picture overlay

@FBog  I'm afraid GoToWebinar does not have the ability for closed caption or picture-in-picture at this time.

Respected Contributor

Re: Text/picture overlay

The Chat feature in GoToWebinar will let you send text messages to the attendees without interrupting the speaker.  The text messages can have clickable links.


Another option:

Something I have done is to show the PowerPoint in a window rather than full screen.  Push this screen to the top of the monitor.  Then have another program open at the bottom of the monitor where you can change text during the webinar.  Show the whole screen to the audience.  The trick with this is that if you click away from the PowerPoint to change your seperate message, the slides will not advance. You have to click back on the PowerPoint so the keyboard and mouse will control the PowerPoint show.  This has to be done on the same computer as the presenter.