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Re: Too many keystrokes

Hi @Chris Droessler,


You should see that change to the Attendee report now.


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Re: Too many keystrokes

@Chris Droessler wrote:

When I first log in to GoToWebinar, using the old interface, I see a list of the upcoming fifteen or so webinars.  In the new interface, I see only two.  I have to click the See More button to see only eight, and have to click the number 2 to see the next eight. 


In the old interface I like having the date in large font so I can quickly scroll down the page to find a free date.  The new interface has the number of people registered in the largest font, which is something I could have as the smallest font.


There is a Compact view that creates two columns. The Compact view would be better for me if it was only one column instead of two. (and if the date was larger)


On the old interface I liked having the Start, Copy, and Share as separate buttons. The new look has me clicking on the three dots (what do we call that?) to access any of those. That is where we start looking at extra mouse clicks.  It takes an extra mouse click to open the three-dot menu.


In the old interface I could easily copy the registration link (url). In the new system, you cannot do that from the three-dot menu. That will give you a place to click the link, but copying that link by dragging across that gives the possibility of not selecting the first or last character.  The only way to get a copy of the registration link in the new interface is to click the three-dot menu, select share, click the link, which opens in a web browser, triple click on the URL line, and copy it.  That is a lot of extra clicks for me just to get the registration link so I can post it somewhere else.


If you click on the name of a webinar, the old interface opened a page with about 20 sections of information. I could scroll down the page to find the section I want and click the Edit link.  On the new interface, when you click on a name of a webinar, you get a page with seven sections, but they are all collapsed except the first one.  I have to click and open each one when I want to upload a video or add documents to my webinar.  Rather than scrolling down through 20 items, I now have to remember what setting is under what heading. That's lots more clicking for me.


I appreciate white space, but I think it has been overdone, which leads to very tall pages with everything spread out farther then it needs to be.  Viewing this on a small monitor, like an old laptop computer, means lots more scrolling than we used to do with the old interface.


In the old interface there is a My Recordings link on the left side of the page.  In the new look there is a Video Library that you get to by clicking on the small picture of a movie film.  Most folks today have never seen a movie film up close to understand that those six dots are actually holes in the film.  What about an icon of a camera (attached)?  Should we call this the six-dot menu to distinguish it from the three-dot menu?


One confusing part of the new interface is that GoTo used to differentiate between a recording of a webinar by calling it a Recording, and a video you play back during a webinar as a Video.  Now, for the new interface, you call all of them Videos.  I can see this as a problem in these discussions helping new folks understand the difference between a Video you play during a webinar and a Video that is a recording of the webinar.  Using the same term for two separate things will cause confusion. 


When I am looking at the list of recordings, now called Video Library, is there any way to list them in a list format, rather than an array of large green/blue rectangles.  I just want a simple list of the recordings. I don’t need to watch the recordings on this page. 


If I have clicked on something and just want to get back to my list of webinars, in the old interface, I just clicked on My Webinars, in the new look, you click on the home icon, but it is labeled as Dashboard.  Is this the new name for Home?  Why not use a picture of a car dashboard (like this)?  I have never called my house a dashboard, so it seems that most people would not equate a picture of a house with an area of the website called Dashboard.


I used to be able to go to the Generate Reports section and quickly get a Registration report or an Attendee report.  In the new look, I click on Analytics, then click Build Report, then Click Registration, then click unselect all of the webinars I do NOT want a report (why are they all selected initially?) and then click Proceed with the Selected Webinars, Then click to select a file format (I always want the same format) and then select Download. That’s eight clicks.  On the old interface, I select Generate Reports, Registration Report is already selected as default. I click Show Webinars. I select the one I want, and select the Generate Report button.  That is four clicks under the old interface, vs eight clicks under the new interface.  That’s twice as many clicks.


 I do not use the new interface. I tested it when you first introduced it, but have not used it since. I went back today to see if the extra clicks were still an issue and they still are.  How long will the old interface be available? I assume that we will all have to start using the new interface at some point in the future.


Great list of issues related to the new layout!

I'm glad I looked at this thread, I thought with a title "Too many keystrokes", this thread would only discuss a specific item.

But you mentioned many that I find awkward and annoying as well, just didn't have the time to cover them in the thread about my GoToWebinar screen somehow reverting back to the previous webinar.

I think a new thread specifically addressing the deficiencies of the new layout (and copying all your points - and mine) would be appropriate.

And have the GoToWebinar team also add the rationale why the web page is being changed at all.







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Re: Too many keystrokes

Thanks GlennD, at least the default is not all of the files selected. 


You can still select multiple checkboxes to get an error message.  Normally in a situation like this where you should only select one, you would use radio buttons, not checkboxes.


After selecting one webinar from the list, the button still says Proceed with Selected Webinar(s), as if there was a way to proceed with more than one selected.  Why not replace this button with the two buttons on the following screen, Excel and CSV?  That would save us all an extra click.  Even with that, it is still more clicks than the old way.

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Re: Too many keystrokes

After selecting one webinar from the list, the button still says Proceed with Selected Webinar(s), as if there was a way to proceed with more than one selected.  Why not replace this button with the two buttons on the following screen, Excel and CSV?  That would save us all an extra click.  Even with that, it is still more clicks than the old way.

I am still hoping to eliminate this seemingly useless step.