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Want Terms and Rights List for Organizers

This is kind of a question for the community as well as a suggestion for Citrix Systems.

We need standard terms for the different organizers and I'd really like to see a table/chart of their rights.  We seem to have 4:

  1. Original Organizer - the licensee who configures the webinar.
  2. Licensed Co-Organizer - a licensee in same account group set as organizer in advance
  3. Designated Co-Organizer - an external (non-licensee) set as organizer during configuration
  4. Promoted Co-Organizer - anyone designated to organizer once the session is active
Here's my first shot (can't do a table here). So, for instance, when I promoted my co-host from panelist to organizer, she could manage the polls. But the next time, when I used the new feature to set her as organizer in advance, she could not manage the polls.

Also not sure if #4 happened to be a licensee would rights be any different if started as attendee or panelist and then promoted.

----------Rough List of Organizer Rights -------------------------
Default for email communications/notices? 1
Can start a session? 1, 2
Edit configuration? 1, 2
Download reports 1,2
End a session? ALL
See all questions? ALL
Manage polls during a session? 1, 2, 4
Promote others? ALL?
Designate presenter? ALL?
Post Handouts? 1,2 (not sure, but #4 could not in my session last week)
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Re: Want Terms and Rights List for Organizers

Here's a first pass on what we have experienced.

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Re: Want Terms and Rights List for Organizers


JHB has done a great job of summing up the different co-organizer abilities. I've forward this topic along to the team so that we can improve the messaging around this and make it less confusing.
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Re: Want Terms and Rights List for Organizers

Thanks, Glenn. We've been having team presentations this month with multiple organizers so the subtleties have arisen.  "Wait, you can't load a handout? But you are an organizer???". 

And since posting here, I've realized there should be FIVE categories:
  1. Host organizer - the licensee who configured/owns the meeting
  2. Designated Co-Organizer (License = Y) - set in configuration
  3. Designated Co-Organizer (License = N) - set in configuration
  4. Promoted Co-Organizer (License = N) - elevated during session
  5. Promoted Co-Organizer (License = Y) - elevated during the session
I hadn't thought about #5 until after I created the chart.  Bu what happens t if one of my licensed organizers registers as an attendee and then gets promoted in session? Could they post a handout? Create a poll on the fly? Launch a poll?

Common terms would be very helpful, but I'm not sure about internal (licensee) and external (non-licensee) - as are used elsewhere.  I tried using those, but my workmates tends to think internal=fellow employee, who may or may not have a license. However, if  those are part of final labeling, we can train users to understand.

So, in defining these, we need to keep in mind our own understanding on the "staff" side of running the webinar, but that we are also constantly educating new people who join us in our webinars.  Explaining roles and rights can be sometimes be the trickiest part of working with a newbie!  Clear labels will help. 

I look forward to seeing what your team produces!
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Re: Want Terms and Rights List for Organizers

Probably also add a "run reports" question. It's basically same as the edit webinar column, but a common question among new users dealing with registration or attendee reports.