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Will bluetooth headphones with webinar or just plug-in headsets?

My bluetooth headphones work on everything in the house and on everything on the computer except webinars.  I've seen may questions about this in the community, so it looks like a common problem.  I've done all the suggestions about updates to drivers, checked all of my settings, and every other suggestion I've seen on the Board.  But nothing works. I can get sound through my speakers, but when I switch to headphones the sound is all broken up and then I can't switch back to the speakers without logging out and in again.


The support desk agent was nice and tried to help by sending me information about what headphones will work, but all she sent was the "getting started" screen shot which mentions using VOiP or telephones.  Will ANY bluetooth headphones work?  Or do I have to use a plug-in headset for a webinar?  I don't need microphone for any of the webinars, just the audio.  A simple answer would be most appreciated.

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Re: Will bluetooth headphones with webinar or just plug-in headsets?

That's odd, since GoTo should play through whatever the computer sees as speakers. 


When you say "when I switch to headphones," do you do this in the GoTo control panel while you are in a webinar, or is this switch done in the computer system preferences?

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Re: Will bluetooth headphones with webinar or just plug-in headsets?

I should also have stated that when I tried to update the audio option on login it put headphones with microphone on the top option.  That was my one and only option.  The next line included headphones with mic, the headphones I have, and speakers.  No matter what I did I could not select anything because it still believe I had headphones with a mic.  When I did a sound test, I would get some distorted noise for a few seconds, then nothing.


So I disconnected my bluetooth and reset on my computer and login to computer speakers.  The login system still would not recognize my speakers until I logged out and back in again.


I finally had to do the audio on my cell phone and watch it on my computer.  I have to admit I didn't try doing my headphones with my phone bluetooth.  I will try that this evening just to see if I get the same results to determine if it is a computer only issue, my brand of headphones, a bluetooth issue, or LogIn issue.


Is anyone else able to use bluetooth headphones?  If so, what brands work?

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Re: Will bluetooth headphones with webinar or just plug-in headsets?

I finally have the answer!  Webinars are set up like meetings so the system is expecting to have audio signals going both ways, and will not work if it doesn't find a microphone connection.  Headphones (no matter bluetooth or not) that do not have a microphone will not work.  Headphones, In-ear handsfree phone sets, or anything else that has a microphone and speaker(s) will work.  These will work if they are plug-in or Bluetooth.  


I think the key to my question and the answer was that, to me, headphones are just a receive or "speaker-in-the-ear", and if there is a microphone included it is a headset.  I guess not everyone thinks that way.

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Re: Will bluetooth headphones with webinar or just plug-in headsets?

Thanks for troubleshooting and explaining what you have tried.


I have not had the same experience as you with headsets vs headphones. I agree on your definition, but have had a different experience.


It is possible to use just the microphone in a headset and use speakers separate from the headset.  It is also possible to use a separate microphone and use the speakers in the headset.  In my many experiences with GoTo I have always found you can select the microphone and speakers separately, even if they are contained in one unit.


The difference in your case is the added bluetooth, which I have never experienced in this regard.  I look forward to the continued discussion on this.