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New Contributor

[feature request] include firewall whitelisting in systems check

Hi folks, 


frequently we are facing the issues that several customers can't connect to the webinar even though they did the systems check before and got a green tick. The reason always is, that they didn't whithelist some ports/IPs that have to be open. 


Since the systems does not check the ports, the green tick saying everything is fine even though it's not. Calling an IT agent by the point the webinar started alwas takes that long that they miss half or even the whole webinar.  


Our customers mainly work in german automotive and machine industry which is like an IT fortress, so whitelisting will always be a point to check. So, I started copying the link to the firewall whitelisting page in te custom text field of every E-Mail. That's alot of work and it look unprofessional sind I cannot set it up to a short HTML Link. 


My request: Can you please integrate a port/ip whitelisting check in the systems check? Or even just including a note that customers thave to check those ports would be a quick fix and help alot. 


Thanks for your help!