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Any missing computers they didn't delete?

Hey everyone,


Just wondering.... I have over 100 client computers that we use to access dental information for dental offices.  Many times local IT does something, adds something, deletes something from our computers and doesn't realize they have messed with our Logmein, but even then the computer still shows up in my list of computers until I or someone deletes it.  It would seem over the weekend that I had several computers where there were issues on the user end, Logmein was disabled or deleted, but the computer is gone off my list of computers too as if we deleted it, but no-one has.  Has logmein updated or changed the way this works?  I talked to a rep earlier today and they said the only way for computers to get removed from our account was for them to be deleted... simply not true though.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.



LogMeIn Manager

Re: Any missing computers they didn't delete?

Hi @stagesonDCS 


I've looked into this and the only other way a computer can be removed from your list is if the logmein software is uninstalled while it is online. When the software is uninstalled a trigger is sent to let us know and the computer is removed from your list. This shows up in our audit as "Deleted by installer", so we are able to verify when this happens.  For your account we see this happening once on 4/12 and another which was deleted by a user.


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: Any missing computers they didn't delete?



I have logmein dropping computers on the list uncommanded. They unregister on the client and it's a huge problem. Not all iterations drop but we don't find out until it's too late. This started happening about a month ago. I've had computers drop while remoted into. They go back to an unregistered state which requires my credentials, MFA, and then renaming(which it saves.) This is making me sick, please help!



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Any missing computers they didn't delete?

Sorry @D4DM1N .  To my knowledge that behavior should never happen, especially while in session.  If this is still occurring, please reach out directly to Customer Care when you have direct access to some of the affected machines.