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LogMeIn Antivirus Content Control Error

I am not sure if this is related to the other content/SSL issue reported in the community (


I am having the pictured error on one of our endpoints with LMI AV.  This endpoint is a brand new machine with a clean install of Windows 10 PRO.  We install LogMeIn, and then we push the LMI AV to the computer.  Everything in the web control panel reports as OK.  Applying the policy to the machine should hide the icon.  To remedy the issue, we have tried an uninstall and reinstall with no luck.


From the pictures provided, you can see that there is a persistent content control error, and the icon remains in the tray (perhaps due to the persistent content control error).  I am looking for any solutions to this issue. 




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Re: LogMeIn Antivirus Content Control Error

While working with LMI support we had to uninstall both the LMI AV and Client from the computer and remove the endpoint from the web control panel.  Once we did this and then did a full reinstall of all components, everything worked correctly.


This solution was an easy fix since the machine was in our shop, getting prepped for delivery.  I am asking support for a remote resolution (if possible) to resolve the issue as 99% of the time the machine will not be with us.


Hope this helps someone else.