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Windows Updates

LogMeIn Central's Windows Update feature is not recognizing the vast majority of December's  patches. I've had issues with some patches before but this is the worst I've ever seen. On Windows 7 machines it's only recognizing 3 of the 10 to 11 patches that are availible. It shows the correct number of patches but when you click on it to show the actual patches you get the  dreaded "Details not yet available for x updates. Please check again later." message. On Windows 7 machines there are at least 7 updates not showing up including the main December security monthly quality rollup (KB4530734) and all the MS Office updates.  On WIndows 10 it's not recognizing the  December Windows MSRT patch (KB890830) Are others seeing this as well? It's really going to impact my patch weekend workload. I called into support and got no real help.

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Re: Windows Updates

been there no answer of why there is -details not yet available bla bla- still no response from LMI
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Re: Windows Updates

The problem was even worse this month with the MS updates.  Windows 7,  Windows 10 and Server 2012r2 were all showing patches missing because of "details not available".   Made for a very long weekend and makes the Windows update feature of LMI Central pretty useless.  Because of these issues I had to log onto every computer individually.  That's not what I'm paying for.