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New Contributor

Can't match resolution

LogMeIn had me download an update before using the login client recently and since then I have been unable to use the match screen resolution feature. Work monitor is 1920x1080, home monitor is 1680x1050 (it was an old spare that was laying around because my 1920x1080 died, have been using it this way for 3 months now)... It worked fine up until the update the other day, now when I click match resolution it bounces between the 2 resolutions and then returns to 1920x1080 which is squished and very small of a view on the 1680x1050. It won't allow me to select it manually, it just bounces again as if I click "Match resolution".


There is also a lag trail of the mouse pointer now too that didn't exist previously.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Can't match resolution

@kplu  Are you able to confirm the LogMeIn Host software version?  


Also, can you say what PC model you're using, with what Windows version specifically?