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New Contributor

Issue on a 4k monitor

I am logging into my work computer (1080p monitor) from my home computer (4k monitor), and the screen is extremely fuzzy. By the way, it only happens to my 4k monitor. I have another 2k monitor at home, and it works perfectly fine.  


I have already tried all Logmein settings, resolution, view, color quality, work computer monitor setting, home computer monitor setting, but just cannot find a good way to solve this. 


I have seen other posts about this issue as well, but they were all before 2018. Is there a way to solve this now? 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Issue on a 4k monitor

@AllenWang  4k displays should work, as long as the manufacturer issued drivers are up to date.  From the remote session, have you checked Display Options for Windows to check all available resolutions?

New Contributor

Re: Issue on a 4k monitor

Yes, I am sure my computer drivers are both up to date. 

Yes, I have check all available resolutions. 

Actually, I noticed when I opened the LogMeIn software, the log in window is already really blurry, even before I log into my remote computer. 


I attached some screenshot photos for your reference.


Any idea how to fix this?