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New Contributor

Keyboard Issue

First I am not a tech person, so please answer in plain language. 


I have been running logmeinpro for a few years. I have a Windows 10 computer at my office. I access it from my iMac at home. I am running the latest versions of the logmein software on both computers. 


Today when I remoted in to the Windows computer I was unable to get the Windows computer to respond to mhy keyboard on my iMac. The Windows computer resonds to mouse commands but not keyboard strokes. I checked the logmein site and locked the keyboard and chose client priority. 


Any ideas?


Thank you

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Keyboard Issue

@SactoJ  I am sorry to hear about the sudden change in behavior there.


Since the problem began, have you been able to reboot the problem PC in order to restart the LMI endpoint application from scratch?


New Contributor

Re: Keyboard Issue

I went to office and rebooted computer today. When I got home I tried again. No change. Still have mouse control but no keyboard response.