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New Contributor

Can't add new PC to account

Hello -- Using an existing account, I'm trying to add my new Windows 10 computer as the fourth PC on a 4-PC plan. My old PC was on the plan, so I deleted it. I have no trouble downloading the software, but after going through the steps (repeatedly) and going through the restart, it never brought me to a screen where I could name and add the new PC. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the GoToMyPC software, but no luck -- i just end up at the screen where I started, with the "+ Add This Computer" button. Thanks.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Can't add new PC to account

Hi @JK55,

Do you know if this new PC already has GoToMyPC installed there?


Is there any security or firewall application that would block the registration finalization?


Have you tried installing the endpoint software by saving it first, and then running the files as the Administrator?

New Contributor

Re: Can't add new PC to account

  1. Update your  computer. ...
  2. Run SFC scan. ...
  3. Create the new user account from User Accounts. ...
  4. Log into your Microsoft account. ...
  5. Clean your Registry.








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