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Logmein-Rescue on Mac

Guys I have gone through the posts on here and I see a million explanations on how to make a Mac work with LMI.  I get that this is Apple being PITA but what is the fix between Big Sur and M1 computers?  My team is having ZERO luck with remotes on Macs throughout the day and we are trying our hardest to honor zero touch options for our customers.


I am fairly confident in my understanding of the issue, but I am at a point where I can't get anything to work on Logmein Rescue and no GoToAssist isn't working either!


Here is what I know in regards to establishing a remote:


-  This is exclusive to Catalina and Big Sur.

- I usually can do one remote where user checks Accessibility and Screen Recording but then it stays checked and I can't see or control their computer the next time I try a remote.

- I have tried deleting all the .apps from their downloads.

-  I cannot remove the from Accessibility or Screen Recording in an effort to work around.

- I have tried this script which is ridiculous to ask my customers to do

            -rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/LogMeIn-Rescue $ rm /tmp/lmi.txt ; CX_LOG=/tmp/lmi.txt /Applications/ >>/tmp/lmi.txt 2>&1

-  This has progressively gotten worse and worse.



Here's what I know in regards to the Logmein Rescue Console on Mac:


- It crashes 100% of the time.

-  It now wont even open so I had to install VMWare and Windows to get it work.

-  Its limited in performance compared to PC.

-  My PC techs are complaining more about it running terrible and crashing.


SUPPORT - please engage and help us get to the bottom of this.



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Re: Logmein-Rescue on Mac

All this is really bad today.  Is there no one to help?  I just spent for Teamviewer which seems to work.

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Re: Logmein-Rescue on Mac

Same exact issues. Rescue is basically unusable on mac. Either we can't control because the Support-LogmeinRescue boxes are frozen checked but doesn't allow control or it crashes every 10 seconds.


Logmein has done nothing to address this issue and its going on years (since the release of Catalina). There seems to be no light at the end of this tunnel so we are looking for another solution.

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Re: Logmein-Rescue on Mac

@dbalzotti  Do you know if the Mac users you are attempting to connect with are Administrators there?  The Mac Security requests should definitely not be freezing, which could indicate a larger problem there.


One thing to keep in mind if the session is crashing regularly, is that the behavior can occur if you have automatic session recording enabled for your account, but the recording cannot actually save locally for some reason.