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LogMeIn Contributor

Rescue iOS app was (and is) compliant with Apple's recent request

Due to a recent investigation by TechCrunch, Apple notified developers that they should remove or properly disclose any use of analytics code within an app that allows  tracking of user actions without their consent.


LogMeIn would like to clarify that the Rescue mobile application for iOS does not  track any information about user actions, and users never share their screen or device information without user consent.


Users grant explicit access to their device as part of the remote support experience, and have full control over the information being broadcast over Rescue. Because of this we are fully compliant with Apple’s request and no further actions or changes are necessary to our applications.


Below are screenshots from the iOS application that show the various prompts as part of the join flow:

iOS screen 1.pngiOS screen 2.pngiOS screen 3.pngiOS screen 4.pngiOS screen 5.png

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions or concerns.


Chris Handley

Product Manager