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Failed Session in Rescue can't be Terminated

Sometimes when I attempt to connect to a machine where I have Unattended Access, the connection fails for some unknown reason. On the left side it says something like "Failed to establish connection to ...".   Then, the session sits there until it eventually times out, and the connection timer just keeps running.  Why isn't there a termination button? I have never seen a program like this that doesn't have a Stop / Quit / Cancel / End Session button. When I call LMI Tech Support, they can't tell me how to terminate a session either, and they act like waiting for it to eventually time out is an acceptable solution. This has been going on for a long time and LMI never fixes it.  There should be an X at the end of the session line where I can terminate a session for any reason I want to.  I don't know much about programming but it seems to me that putting in a Cancel button would be a very trivial exercise. Very frustrating.

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Re: Failed Session in Rescue can't be Terminated

Hi @SimpliTek,


Thank you for the feedback, we will share this with the team.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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