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I have a problem with Hamachi network connections


So I'm working for a company that is putting together programs for shops, resturants, etc... and to "update" our programs we use batch file with RoboCopy along side with Hamachi. Basically RoboCopy is making a copy of all the files from the server to the local computer.


So now the problem... We have a network for one company, and everything was going fine for a long time, and now, one user (computer) from that company has issues almost every day around the pretty much same time, and I've ran out of ideas. Basically it says that the route for the RoboCopy file does not exist. When I try to ping the server from computer, it works fine, but when I try to ping the problematic computer from the server it does not work. The solution to get the our program started (with that RoboCopy batch) is to restart LogMeIn Tunneling service, and after that, server still can't ping that computer, BUT our program starts (RoboCopy now works). And the next day the exact same thing happens.


We have many computer in the same company and none have that problem... I've looked in the firewall setting if hamachi is going throught, and it is enabled, both public and private. I've also tried clicking "diagnose" on hamachi and it gives me error with "Inbound".


If anybody can help me, I would be soooo greatful, THANK YOU in advance.