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Logmein LMIGUIAgent enable required for remote access

About a week ago we started getting a pop-up on clients regarding enabling LMIGUIAgent through Security & Privacy > Accessibility > Allow the apps below to control your computer (I will attach screenshoot). I believe this is for upcoming MacOSMojave, and does not affect other versions of MacOS. However, users will still get the pop-up for enabling the LMIGUIAgent. Has anyone seen this pop-up? or has developed command line or script to enable the LMIGUIAgent?


YES WE GOT IT AS WELL VERY ANNOYING. Thought I did something wrong, glad to see its not just us.

We stay an OS behind for about a year (Maybe 2 moving forward...haha) and are on 10.13 still and use all mac airs. We still do a monolothic base image. A part of the monolothic base image is just a startup script and the quickadd package. The startup script is manually added to the Sec & Priv -> Accessibility pane so the other stuff can happen, I just added the following script as a quick fix and working for us.



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