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Windows taskbar icon previews now showing

Hi, on some PCs - Windows 10 usually, but not always, the little preview windows  do not show.  These are the ones that appear when you click an icon the the taskbar that has multiple windows available.

 This sounds trivial, but is in fact quite a problem sometimes as I'm unable to open the correct ( or any ) windows on any session when I have more than one thing maximised.


Any suggestions ?

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Re: Windows taskbar icon previews now showing

Hello MarvinTPA!

I am not fully understand your question. Do you wonder about how could you re-enable the taskbar thumbnail in Win10?
If so, there can be the answer:


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Re: Windows taskbar icon previews now showing

You don't understand the question, I'll explain further. 

On the customer's PC, visible to the customer is the popup, on my screen via logmein it is not visible.   I get this with other menus too, some in Microsoft Word ( 2016 onwards versions, main file / save menu ) and Firefox's main options/settings menu in it's top right corner.


Usually I have to ask the customer what is visible on the screen and get them to select options for me.


 Only some PCs, the majority are fine.