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"Invalid Administrator username or password" when connecting over VPN

Greetings and Salutations!

When I am in the office, I am able to use Rescue to remote to computers on the network with my domain credentials without any issues. 

However, when I am working from home and connected to my office network via FortiClient VPN, Rescue will show the computer name in the list and allow me to attempt to connect only to tell me my domain admin credentials are incorrect. I receive the error "Invalid Administrator username or password" and I do know the credentials are correct!

I have tested this on multiple machines and with both my domain admin credentials and the local machine's admin credentials.  

Oddly, this has worked before and only stopped working recently. (I'm not sure the exact date because I work in the office more than at home.)

Target computers are Windows 10 Pro on an AD domain, and I am a domain admin.  I am able to successfully ping target computers, and I am able to use Remote Desktop Connection to take them over... but this logs out the user in Win10.

Other notes:

I am using  Windows 10 21H1, Rescue Console Version 7.12.3359 (64-bit), Forticlient 
Any suggestions on what I should look for?  I appreciate any help!

New Contributor

Re: "Invalid Administrator username or password" when connecting over VPN

I've found a lot of other messages about similar issues on here.

I spoke to our network admin tech, and he tells me that VPN is on a different subnet than the computers on the domain I'm attempting to control. Is this the issue? And if so, what can I tell him needs to be done to resolve it?