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New Contributor

unable to control mouse remotely

Using logme desktop app in to access remotely on a computer and for some reason today, i'm unable to control the mouse. I see double mouse curser on the desktop: my mouse curser and another curser which i suspect is the original computer's curser. I can move my curser but not the other one. I cannot press into anything on that computer. 


I've tried the browser version on logme in Edge to access remotely and I didn't have any issue from there working remotely on that computer. Its only the app version i'm having issue with. I've restarted both my computer and the remote computer, nothing helps. I've also downloaded the app again and still same issue. What's going on?


New Contributor

Re: unable to control mouse remotely

Problem resolved. It was the remote system's mouse thats causing the issue. I've disconnected that mouse and all good now.
GoTo Manager

Re: unable to control mouse remotely

Hi @shirlw, welcome to the community.


When you have a moment could you provide some more details about the type of mouse and how it was connected? Just in case someone else has a similar issue in the future.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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