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Blank screen when controlling a Mac system

When I use LogmeIn central to remote into a Mac running OS Version 12.0.1 from a PC I'm getting either a blank (black) screen or just the menu bar and the desktop background. This happens on the second time I remote in -- rebooting the system will fix it. The first time I use logmein against this machine, it works fine. Subsequent session yield either the black screen or just the menu bar.


I've given LogMeIn the correct privacy rights in the mac control panel as LogMeIn control works correctly after a reboot.


The LogMeIn products on both PC (controlling system) and Mac (controlled systems) are upto date.

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LogMeIn has identified the cause of this issue, and stated it may be caused by Fast User Switching.


While LogMeIn works on the fix for this issue, I have found a workaround.


The solution is to disable Fast User Switching entirely. While this may be an issue for some users that bounce from one account to another, this will [seemingly] fix the issue with LMI.


To permanently disable FUS on a Mac machine, run these Terminal commands:

  1. sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences MultipleSessionEnabled -bool false
  2. defaults write .GlobalPreferences userMenuExtraStyle -int 0
  3. defaults -currentHost write UserSwitcher -int 8


So far, every machine we have deployed this fix on has not had the issue again - even after multiple restarts and attempts to break LMI again.

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I have never used fast user switching on any of the 30 + Macs I maintain. I'm glad that works for some folks but no help for me. Thanks for your reply though!

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Macster - I would try this fix on at least one machine having the issue. Doing this fix cleared our issues immediately, even if we have never Fast User Switched on the machine.