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Bulk Operations

We have an issue with LMI that seems to be something that is easily fixed but deliberately ignored by LMI developers.

1.  You do have a public API but the documentation is not anything close to what is needed for system administrators to be able to use because it is not complete.

2.  I'm floored completely that when we ask support about adding support for .csv file import to bulk add/delete computers that they have told us (multiple times) that we need to use the unusable API because LMI developers are not going to create that functionality.


I can't believe that an enterprise class application like LMI can't get something as basic as bulk operations added so we don't have to tick 100 check boxes one at a time to delete retired, refurbished or reissued machines.  

I would love to hear back from LMI as to what the business case is for not adding the ability to do what most other software that manages thousands or tens of thousands of machines.  It's supposed to make our lives easier and that one feature is something I know has been asked before.  One of my teammates told me that he asked and was told it wont' happen.  You have to check boxes one by one.

In the words of Joe Biden, "C'mon man!"  
Can someone please contact me at or call me at 404.375.5851 and explain why this issue continues to be an issue.


Thank you