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Central not detecting anti-virus software, real-time protection, or virus definition on Win 11 Pro

We have successfully used LogMeIn Antivirus for a year on many Windows 10 Pro computers; however, I just installed it on several new Windows 11 Pro computers.  The program appears to install and the policies seem to apply correctly; however LMI Central is not getting updated information from the computers.


The Windows 11 Pro computers show successful installation.  Scans are running as scheduled and the firewall turned on (although I have since turned it off for testing).


In Central, the anti-virus software column says "Unknown", the real-time protection column says "Disabled", and the virus definition column says "Out-of-date."


I have changed the LMI AV policy to turn off the firewall and have also disabled the Windows firewall as requested by LMI support.  I enabled logging in LMI Control Panel and uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled LMI AV and sent the debugging logs to LMI support.  


So far they keep saying it is a firewall issue but don't know what to suggest to fix it.


The log says "Error (in recv): An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" and "Error (in send): An established connection was aborted by are in your host machine."


I feel it must be something unique to Windows 11 Pro.  Does anyone have any idea what needs to be changed on these computers to get them to report properly to LMI Central?



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Re: Central not detecting anti-virus software, real-time protection, or virus definition on Win 11 P

Hi @remoteworker93 I see you have a case with support. Our team is currently reviewing and should have an update for you shortly. Thanks for sharing this experience and I hope to have a resolution for you soon. 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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