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One2Many task that runs based on current device IP address (or other criteria)

I don't see an option for this, I don't know if  I'm missing it or if the option isn't there. Basically, I'm looking at having a task run based on where it is. The specific case I'm looking at is when a device is on our local corporate network (not VPN, but physically on the LAN), that it will copy a file from our server. While the standard One2Many would be fine to push a smaller file, this is a program update file that's over 500MB and will crush our guys in the remote field (single cell circuit shared by 3-5 client computers, 10Mbps down on a good day). I was looking at alerts with an attached One2Many task as a possible way to get around this, but I couldn't find one that was based on location (essentially, 'if at this public IP address, run task'). Does anyone have any info on how to do this, or if it even can be done?

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Hi @SCS27 ,

While it is not currently possible to base O2M tasks on IPs, I will present your use case to the product teams as an enhancement idea for future updates.


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