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Screen Blanking not working after Windows 10 2004

Microsoft has pushed out Windows 10 2004 to my workstations in our office and now screen blanking no longer works. 

My employee's are working remotely and rely on screen blanking for privacy. My company handles many sensitive items and this issue is causing havoc as I'm now having to move computers to new locations to protect information. 


Worst still LogMeIn has no detection method to caution the user that screen blanking is not working. Employee's are at home looking at confidential information for anyone in our office to see thinking the screen blanking is working unless informed by someone in the office. 


I've tried most of the fixes people would normally do, update drivers, enable disable hardware acceleration, remove and reinstall monitor drivers, display adapters. I've tried AMD, Intel, and Nvidia Graphics cards and the issue remains. 


I opened the support case 13356680 but that did not really provide any resolution and i was directed to call in. I talked with an agent where we looked at a few different items but found no resolution. In talking with development I was told 2004 is beta and unsupported???  Considering the size of LMI I would think you guys would be testing on the preview channel's to head off issues like this.


Does anyone else have the issue?

Has anyone figured out a workaround other than rollback of a system to the 1909 version? 

Is there any eta on a fix?


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I think we are talking about two separate issues. The KNOWN issue for screen blanking NOT working anymore is with 2004 and above only.  

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what does running 1909 mean?  I am trying to blank screen but I am not a tech person.  Can you help?

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In Windows 10 there are updates given through Windows Update.  This happens once a month for the big updates.


About twice a year, the version is updated.  It usually includes new features for Windows 10 as well as fixes and enhancements.   You can find your version open your Start Menu and select the gear to go to Settings.  Select the box for System.  On the left, pick About.  Under 'Windows Specifications' you will see your version.


Here is one place which lists the recent builds.  Version 20H2 is the latest.


In version 2004, many things broke right away.  In our college we had many wireless and network issues right away.  Version 2004 may not be uninstalled like many Windows Updates.


Back to this thread about LogMeIn.  One thing that broke for this program was the screen blanking feature.  We are all hoping that the programmers at LogMeIn can come up with a solution to what Microsoft broke.  It has been many months.

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The support person at LogMeIn said it may also happen in Windows version 1909.  That is what we are running, but I have only been notified by one person so far.  I believe it was caused by them not flipping the switch to Blank Screen the first time they got in.

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1909 is the Windows version we are currently running.  Instead of 2004.

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Most of us are running later versions like 2004 or 20H2 so your fix won't work. We shouldn't have to use workarounds to make a feature work that broke because Logmein didn't keep up their compatibility with Windows 10 updates. Windows 10 compatibility should be a given for a product that's designed to manage Windows PCs. 


I've been using Logmein since it first became available in the early 2000s, back when it was free. I used it along with competitors like VNC. I stuck with Logmein even when they started charging money for it because it was the best. Now I pay a lot of money every year to use Central and Rescue. The screen blanking feature is critical for some of us and it's been broken for half a year. It's well past time for a fix.  Again, this isn't freeware anymore. We pay to use it and it's broken. Enough is enough. Get it fixed and stop making excuses and telling us the fix is coming soon. Clearly Logmein doesn't understand the meaning of the word 'soon'. 

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this is absolutely ridiculous that they have not resolved this.  Not like it has been a few months been way longer.   Not to mention I am sure they are on the Microsoft pre-release updates so means they know this would happen a few months before it was released.  I will give it a few weeks then move to something else

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Will this be done, or will there be at least a "yes we're working on this" or "no we're deprecating the feature" announcement of some sort before Windows 10 1909 goes end of life on 5/11/2021? 

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This is beyond unacceptable. As a matter of fact, the non-action and lack of notification to it's users is legally questionable.

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I am very sorry for the delays for resolving this Microsoft conflict.  We've updated the support center with clearer documentation around the issue and should have an ETA for resolutions soon.


Reference doc:

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