Ability to store and export SMS/MMS

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Ability to store and export SMS/MMS

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Ability to store and export SMS/MMS

We need the ability to store and export SMS/MMS messages, their metadata and content (in case of audits, legal investigations, etc.)


If that data is too sensitive to store on your end, I'd ask that there be a functionality that can put it into our own storage. We can store Phone Calls and Fax (ours store on AWS), so why not text messages?


Right now text messages are only accessible to the agent involved in the conversation, and to store them each agent would have to copy them or screenshot them manually.  This isn't feasible.

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@zpaine1089  Thanks for your idea, a member of the team suggested the following:


Perhaps the new CRM Integration could be an option. If a contact exists for one of the participants in the SMS then this could be stored in a CRM provided it is one of the ones supported. Currently Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho and Dynamic