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New Contributor

we need control of sent emails

This product could be really great, there are several things IMHO, starting with the emails being sent.


We need to be able to control when a submitter gets and email, they really don't need an email telling them we changed the category. The more useless messages they  get the more likely they are to ignore them all together.


We also need to be able to customize the outgoing messages.

GoTo Contributor

Re: we need control of sent emails

Hi MHunter,


Thank you for your feedback. 


We are currently working on a feature to customize who should get e-mail notifications for the different ticket events, which will provide a solution for your issue. We are planning on releasing this in August.


Within this feature, you will also have the ability to customize the text of the e-mail sent out to the end-user when a new ticket is created. We would be very interested in what customization options you are looking for.


Thank you!


New Contributor

Re: we need control of sent emails

Good to hear.

Those are mostly the options we are looking for, but should also have config for copied users as well, here is what we are working with now.



Of course the text/links etc. in the messages need to be customizable as well.