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The End Session button on the client does not work when the session is hung

Last week I lost my connection on a remote host with Unattended installed, which appeared as "offline" on my GoToAssist Unattended Console. I was able to get connected with Central to finish my work but was surprised to see when I arrived at the location that not only was my GoToAssist session still sharing the screen, the End Session button didn't end anything. Because the host was running a script I just left it.


Today I connected using an instant session to a test computer right next to me so I could copy and paste some URLs and after stepping away I found my GoToAssist session ended at my console but still running and screen sharing from the test computer. Once again the End Session button didn't do anything.


This may explain why from time to time an employee's computer with Unattended installed will suddenly go offline right in the middle of remote troubleshooting but will still be working with the employee patiently waiting for me to do something. This is a new and vexing problem for us that literally never happened, ever, with v4 in years of use.


Is there anything I can do to reset the hung session? Is a fix in development? Will we have to manually update all our unattended computers to take advantage of it?

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Re: The End Session button on the client does not work when the session is hung

Hi @JCR_643, welcome to the community.


I think we need to look into why both of these sessions hung. Were these Windows PCs or Macs?


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: The End Session button on the client does not work when the session is hung

Both Windows 11 22H2. The one with Unattended was an always-on desktop. The various units in the field have all been Win11's and will either go to offline during the troubleshooting process or when the employee calls will show up as offline on GTA5 but online on Central. The Instant session was a laptop that may have gone to sleep.