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Re: Mac Keyboard Mapping - Again

As did MoisiePants, I reported this issue many years ago (May 2019), and did so at great length and with considerable detail to help you narrow the issue. See Case: 09485737


There were many email back and forth with promises that the "next" version (5) would fix the issue but as of today, using version, it is STILL no fixed. Below is what I wrote five years ago to you and it's still the case.

When logged into another computer from my Mac - most often to another Mac but occasionally to a Windows machine as well - the remote computer will begin acting like a "modifier key" (Command, ALT/Option, Shift) is being held down continuously.  I not certain if it thinks just one key is pressed or multiple but I'm pretty sure that it always occurs immediately after if I use a keyboard shortcut (with a modifier key). After that, every keystroke or mouse-click acts like those modifier key(s) are still being held. 
Additional clues:
  • The symptom seems to occur after a keyboard shortcut or input that includes the ALT/Option key. Most consistently, I can trigger it by performing one of the Mac screen shot shortcuts such as Command+Shift+4
  • The input issue seems to disappear after a period of time with no input, around 10 minutes, or if you logout and log back in again
  • Users on the remote machine to not experience this issue, only me controlling it
  • I only use the full version with end users, so this is NOT related to the browser plugin
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Re: Mac Keyboard Mapping - Again

Hi @wmloving,


This issue is one that is reported every once in a while and we have looked in to it repeatedly. We have found no obvious cause and have been unable to recreate it in any way to identify a bug. In some cases it has actually turned out that something had fallen on the keyboard of the remote computer. I attempted to recreate it myself last year and used a key logging application to capture what keys were being passed to the remote computer and through multiple sessions over multiple days I could not reliably recreate it and I did not see any extra key presses being passed to the remote.


The one thing I have found is that if it happens, instead of ending the session and starting a new one again pressing Ctrl a few time on the Mac (or Shift multiple times on Windows), can clear it. 


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: Mac Keyboard Mapping - Again

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your response. I can replicate this issue consistently and am happy to do a remote session to demonstrate. Below is a screen shot of the server I'm logged into and testing on. Both machines are running Sonoma and current versions of GoToAssist. The issue is exactly the same as I've reported in years past and is completely replicable on my end.

Please see the text I typed within the screen shot and again, I'm happy to do a remote session to demonstrate.

And yes, I tried your hitting the Control, Shift and ALT/Option keys multiple times. It sometimes seemed to work and others not.




Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 2.01.46 PM.jpg


This is a test. I am typing having just connected to this server desktop. Next I will use the keyboard shortcut for a click and drag screen capture - Command+Shift+4. The cursor changes to cross-hairs, I click and drag the area I want to capture and the screen shot is correclty saved to the Desktop From then on, any keyboard input acts as if the Command+Shift keys are being held down.


If I type and "L", the Mac reads it as Command+Shift+L and the Manage Layouts dialog opens.


If I type and "O", the Mac reads it as Command+Shift+O and opens the "Open Hosts..." dialog.


If I type and "N", the Mac reads it as Command+Shift+N and Inserts the current UserName into the text string, e.g. WilliamLoving


If I click on an application icon in the doc, instead of opening the app, it performs a "Show in Finder" which is what happens when you Command+click on a Dock icon


And now, for no apparent reason, it is acting like I'm holding down the Option/ALT key only. The text below is the entire lower case alphabet a-z which I manually typed. All characters are as if I was holding the ALT key while I typed including ending with Omega, which is normally generated using Option/ALT+O



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Re: Mac Keyboard Mapping - Again

It's hard for me to believe that there aren't more questions/complaints about this issue.  It happens to me EVERY TIME to both PC and Mac remote clients when I remote control them from either PC or Mac (I primarily control from macOS).  At first, things seem to work fine, but then suddenly, keys typed are accompanied by a modifier, like CNTRL, SHIFT CMD, etc.  My only recourse is to type and copy what I need on my side and paste into the remote side. Sometimes, it'll begin to work properly again in the given session (and will then break again, too).

The only thing I "thought" seemed to have an affect was if I was tabbing to the next field I want to type in vs. clicking the mouse in the next field.  Clicking the mouse for the next field "seems" to bring the problem on, but not consistently; just more often than not.

As I say, this happens at some point in the session, every single time; and has done for years.  This happens in GoToAssits Expert AND LogMeIn Central/LogMeIn Desktop Client.  It does not happen in Splashtop, in my experience with that product.  It's just very hard for me to believe that anyone would have trouble reproducing this problem.  It happens with all of my techs across all (hundreds) of our clients.

Some real attention to this and a fix would be great.  It's VERY annoying to have to resort to copying and pasting to effectively "type" on the remote side.



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Re: Mac Keyboard Mapping - Again

P.S.  VNC does not have this problem, either.

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Re: Mac Keyboard Mapping - Again


Please respond to this. I've given you complete details on how to reliably replicate the issue and am happy to demonstrate it. This has been going on for many, many years and really needs to be fixed.