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Automated Away Text Message Reply



There is currently not an option to set up automated text message replies in the same fashion that individuals can structure these for their email replies when they're out-of-the- office, so I thought it would be great if this feature was considered.

GoTo Manager

Re: Automated Away Text Message Reply

Hi @Rhiannon,


Thank you for the suggestion, we will share this with the team.



Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Automated Away Text Message Reply

I would also like to see automated text message replies, when "Away" or "Offline", and we need this for the desktop app.


(I understand that the mobile app has an "instant response" feature, but we don't issue cell phones to our employees and employees should NOT use personal cell phones for (a) HIPAA (healthcare) information, or (b) in California due to case law that then can result in having to reimburse employees for personal cell phone expense.)


 So, a "text message auto-reply" feature while Away or Offline needs to be in the desktop app and in the browser version also.