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Available/Unavailable on the Goto mobile app

Is it possible to have the ability to make your self available/unavailable on the queue on our GoTo mobile app? Perhaps in the near future?

Our company recently moved over to the GoTo system and we do not see this option on the mobile app (iphone/android). I believe the team is aware of the star code command (*13 + queue ext). I wanted to inquire to see if there are any plans on implementing this feature on the GoTo mobile app. Our old PBX system allowed users to do that when they are on their mobile app.
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GoTo Manager

Re: Available/Unavailable on the Goto mobile app

Hi @gvillena, welcome to the community!

At this time the star codes are the only way to do this, but I will check with our team after the Thanksgiving break to see if it is on the roadmap for the app.

Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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