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New Contributor

Call Waiting? Queue options?

If someone is logged in to GoToConnect to take queue calls from home, and they are on a queue call.. how can I prevent additional queue calls from coming in to that person when they're already on another call?

The volume of the ringing from the new call coming in is so loud, it's impossible to hear the people we're already on the phones with and communicate well during the calls. I see no options for any type of call waiting to shut off, or any kind of option in the queue settings to not ring to someone already on a call.

I appreciate any assistance and I apologize if I've missing something very simple. I am new to Jive/GoTo/etc. Thank you!

GoTo Manager

Re: Call Waiting? Queue options?

Hi @tgibb, welcome to the community.


I see that you have spoken with the support team and they helped you disable call waiting. Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible to lower the volume of the ring specifically, but this will be shared with the team as a feature improvement request.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Call Waiting? Queue options?

Hey there.

Do you mean when I called in to Support to ask about this same issue? Because they told me there was no Call Waiting. 

So if they helped me disable Call Waiting, I have no idea how they did that.