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Oldest Call in Queue not getting answered in order

Dear All,

Thank you for your time, please allow me to explain: We use a call queue. We would like to be able to answer the oldest calls first by ringing all the available agents. (Our setting is on "Ring All Available Agents")(My connect timeout setting is :15 seconds. )


Currently, when the number of callers increases, the behavior assigns each caller in the queue to a 'different agent', regardless of wait time of the caller. (Ex. 3 agents and 3 callers with a wait time at 5min, 2min, 1min; each one is assigned to an agent.)

When some calls are answered and others not, this causes some callers hold time to increase dramatically, as the 'assigned agent' stepped away for whatever the reason.

ISSUE: That call is continuously ringing that agents phone, becoming "stuck", when the call volume is greater than the number of logged in agents. Not rotating to other agents.


Again, when the number of callers increases, the phone system will assign out each caller to 'different agents'.  Not ringing the oldest caller to "all available agents". 


At times, this has caused some callers wait time to increase unbeknownst the agent who is now working on something else.  


SOLUTION: We prefer calls to "ring available agents"  until the oldest one is answered. Then, the next oldest call in the queue rings. Therefore, the calls are answer in the order they are received. This was the way we had it for many years.  We would like to add this setting as an option back to our phone system. 


Why? People generally do more than one task at work, not just answer the phone. Sometimes, they answer calls and questions, or do other tasks. Wearing different hats, so to speak. Or, agents need to step away to the bathroom, take a few extra moments to finish the previous call, and take a lunch. When they get up, or get called on for even a question, they won't always log out, or even remember to. Or, they may get pulled to help with something else. As is the nature of business. 


Thank you you for your consideration to add this feature back. 

Thank you for your time.  


GoTo Manager

Re: Oldest Call in Queue not getting answered in order

Hi @TravisThinking, welcome to the community.


Thank you for the detailed feedback. Calls should be delivered in the order they were received by default, but there are some corner case circumstances that can affect this occasionally. With "Ring All Available Agents" enabled the issue you described should not be happening, we would need some specific examples of calls this has happened with in order to start looking into how it happened.


One suggestion that may help is if you currently use our Contact Center add-on when an agent steps away they should go on Pause   


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Oldest Call in Queue not getting answered in order



Yes that would be helpful if you would look at it. I have been told by support that the behavior is normal - so I would be happy to get this resolved. Is there a way I can send these to you directly as they have sensitive info on them. 


Please advise. Thank you in advance.