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Texting Report

Is there a way to see who has texted our phone number with the date.


Re: Texting Report

Nope, doesn't seem to be. You can see  a date only if a conversation was had, if the text was just once without response,   there is no date or time noted. You also have to look in your personal text area of the app to see these texts.  If you have multiple ppl that have access to texting via the contact center, i'm not sure if these show up for everyone or just the agent that was logged into that that time. We be amazingly hard to track down if that's the case.



Here is an example of a convo with a date, this is because they spammed me and I texted back:



And when there is only a text that is received and not answered there is NO date or time - example:



Seems like this is a bug/UI design issue, why have the date for one instance and not the other?