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Web Chat Questions.

As we have spoken, some messages in GoTo web chat are failing to send. Will this happen if in case the client logs out or closes the Wicked web page in the middle of a conversation? or is this an issue on our website?


Also, currently, we can't see conversations that were marked as "Resolved". Is this a user permissions thing?

GoTo Moderator

Re: Web Chat Questions.

Hi @WFI 

It does seem that if your customer is no longer available you may not be able to send a chat. Is it possible to share a screenshot of the error? 

Could you let me know where you are looking for Resolved conversations? 


You may also want to check out the training and Ask The Pros session for GoTo Connect offered here, both are great resources to help with your GoTo Connect questions. 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: Web Chat Questions.



I'll ask my team for a photo.. As for the resolved completion because we're an ISP we need to be able to go back into old conversations, even resolved ones to look at past conversations, etc. We had this function using TIDIO Web Chat but cannot seem to see past resolved chats.


Re: Web Chat Questions.

Removed comment since after reading the other thread this wasn't what you were asking about. Unable to delete my comment all together. 


So have a nice holiday if you see this!