Can I set different branding for each GoToTraining catalog?

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Can I set different branding for each GoToTraining catalog?

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Can I set different branding for each GoToTraining catalog?

I want to offer training courses specific to each client, so would like to have different branding on each GoToTraining catalog i.e. the client's logo for that catalog. Is this possible or am I stuck with one central branding for everything?

GoTo Manager
Hi David,

I'm sorry no, this is not supported currently. You can only upload your logo to your account and it will show across all attendee web pages. I am going to switch this Topic to an Idea for the Product Team to consider.
David Hunt
Active Contributor
Thanks, Glenn.

This has been possible with WebEx for many years now on their Webinars, where you can group Webinars into the equivalent of a catalogue (or programme) and brand each programme.

You can do it too on individual Webinars. To be able to brand each programme is such an obvious thing to do, so I hope it becomes a feature soon.


David Hunt
Active Contributor

One year on. I still doesn't look like you can brand individual training events. This is very short-sighted of Citrix. There are thousands of training organisations who provide training for clients who would need to brand each training event or catalog of events with tat specific client's branding & colour scheme.

Whilst there is a facility to embed the registration in the client's website, that often involves internal politics and processes and is just not practical.

It is about time that GoToTraining included EVERYTHING that GoToWebinar allows, plus the additional elements GTT currently has.

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Jackie Willis
New Member
Gosh this is crucial for me as I will be hosting trainings on behalf of other businesses so branding for them, as opposed to my business, is crucial! I'm afraid I had assumed I could do this on registration as with GTW!
GoTo Moderator
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