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Control panel disappears when using keynote

Hello community,


I was an organizer on a rehearsal webinar and both presenters where using keynote to present. I do not know what OS they had or other system info, but they were using different computers. 


For both of them, when using keynote to present, 1) the mouse dissapeared and 2) they couldn’t access control panel (for example to pause the screen or to check the chat), it also dissapeared.


Is there something they can do in order to still have access to mouse pointer and to see the Control Panel over their slides?





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Re: Control panel disappears when using keynote

Did the presenter's Macintosh computer have one or two displays?  And if two displays, was the display extended to the second display rather than the second display being a mirror image of the first display.  A projector connected to a laptop computer is considered a second display.

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Re: Control panel disappears when using keynote

Hi Chris

Thanks for the reply. They were both just using one screen. These were two different computers, in two different locations. They were just both using keynote and the same issue happened for both.


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Re: Control panel disappears when using keynote

Unfortunately, Keynote takes over the entire screen and will not let you have anything else visible at the same time.  It was designed for live presentations in front of a live audience, not for sharing using something like GoTo.


Here are some options:


PowerPoint will let you present in a window rather than full screen. You can share the presentation window and still see GoTo and everything else.  Unfortunately, Keynote does not have this feature.  You can convert the Keynote file to a PowerPoint file, but this is not easy. I often have to convert files and find that many times the text created in Keynote can not be modified once it gets into PowerPoint.  Strange, but true.


Put your Keynote presentation on the iCloud and then open it from your iCloud account in a web browser.   Share this web browser through GoTo.


You can export a Keynote file as a Quicktime file. Then playback the Quicktime video in a window during the webinar.  Apparently you can schedule stops and starts in the Quicktime file, but I have not tried this.


You can export the Keynote file as html and then play it back in a web browser.  This can be played in a window during the webinar.