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Help! Control panel visible to attendees

Hi, long time user here. First time on the support forums. Recently we've noticed the control panel is visible to attendees on both gotowebinar and gotomeeting, when we share powerpoint in presentation mode (which is 99% of what we share when we run web meetings or webinars). I've tried the following, to no avail:

--Checked the Labs feature (not enabled, not even set up -- when I clicked an option it took me to a disclaimer screen)

--Updated video drivers and rebooted

--Tried adjusting text zoom size (didn't have an effect, but we're using a large monitor and need it at 300% anyway)

--Uninstalled GoTo and GoTo opener, rebooted, reinstalled


This was happening on version .39 as well as .45 (the version that was reinstalled). 


I see other forums with similiar issues from years ago but no solid fixes (I've tried everything that I've read, above.) Gearing up for a large webinar event in a couple of days and would love a fix? TIA.

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Re: Help! Control panel visible to attendees

Hi @emrlsi ,

Welcome to the LMI Community.


It sounds like you done some legwork already to troubleshoot this issue.  I can state that we very rarely hear reports of this happening outside of the Labs-designed feature.  Have you tested alternte monitors, and all available display ratios etc?

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Re: Help! Control panel visible to attendees

You are not the only one! I called the support line last night and got a very unsatisfying answer. The gist of it is that hiding the control panel from view when using PowerPoint presentations is, "Not and option we offer at this time." Really? Calling the ability to not block slides when you need to intract with the control panel an "option" is the most insane thing I've every heard.

It ONLY happens with PPt, but of course, that is 99 percent of what we use it for. 

I am awaiting some call back from higher ups, but this is simply not acceptable, and I have a hard time believing that they would let this problem slip by without a solution.

We went through all sorts of attempts to get the problem solved while I was on the phone: checking and unchecking things in Labs (which was never enabled before we started the test), hiding the control panel, looking at attendee view, etc. 

The company should know that there are probably many other people out there with the same problem. Don't let tham tell you that you are the only one!

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Re: Help! Control panel visible to attendees

Found the answer! (No help from tech support, BTW. Just experimenting on my part)


If you use the "slideshow" option in PPT, your control panel will be visible.

If you use "reading mode" -- also a full-screen option -- your control panel will not be visible.


You can check by going in to the audience view option at the very top of the control panel to see what they see. 


Why Tech Support didn't know this and gave me such a frustrating answer, I have no idea. 

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Re: Help! Control panel visible to attendees

Thanks for the follow up @RWebber .

That's a natural PowerPoint behavior unfortunately, so GoToMeeting can't override it even when we want to.  Glad that you found the correct presentation mode!


Let us know if you have any other concerns.

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Re: Help! Control panel visible to attendees

The GoToWebinar Customer Support people should know this. I was ready to cancel our account over this. 


I had an incredibly frustrating conversation with them, and they had no solutions. Since the vast majority of users of the software will be using PPt, and I'm obviously not the only person who has this problem, maybe this should in in the FAQ and DEFINITELY should be an easy answer if someone calls with this problem.