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Muffled sound in Webcast

We did a webcast last month, including video and a slide presentation. The audio for the video was fine, but the live speaker was garbled and unintelligible - we noted it on the recording and later got several emails about it being so during the live online session.


We used the same webcam with audio as we do for our regular webinars, but this time we had the speaker at a podium with a microphone, which projected through speakers to a live audience.


Does anyone have any recommendations for different equipment or a different audio setup? We normally use a simple Logitech webcam.



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Re: Muffled sound in Webcast

Where was the webcam that you were using as a microphone for GoTo?  If that microphone was picking up the sound coming out of a sound system, then yes, the audio quality will be poor.   That webcam microphone was also picking up the room sounds, echos, and anyone who was sitting next to it.


It would be better if you could put the webcam on the lectern next to the microphone used for the room sound system.  If you were also counting on using the visual portion of that webcam to transmit to the webinar audience, then you could run a separate microphone, or even use two webcams. One webcam could be for the visual part of the webinar and the other one for the audio part.  You set which is for what in the GoToWebinar control panel.


Better yet would be to capture the output of the microphone in which the presenter is speaking and send that to GoToWebinar.  This can be quite tricky based on the actual sound system and whether the operator of the sound system is willing to let you interface with them.


You could use a microphone splitter that takes the sound coming out of the microphone and splits it to both the local sound system and the GoToWebinar.  This allows you to get a clean, direct sound and should not interfere with the sound system. Sound quality might be impacted by the quality of the microphone splitter.


When I use multiple microphones for a webinar, the speaker at the lectern, as well as microphones that move around the audience for questions, then I have to split the signal after the microphone mixer.  Similar to the microphone splitter, but you have to have cooperation of the sound system operator.


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Re: Muffled sound in Webcast

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Re: Muffled sound in Webcast

Wow - lots of info - thanks so much Chris!


I'll get with my IT&S people, run this by them (I don't know as much about AV) and see what they can help me set up.