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Spam bots registering for webinars

I recently set up a webinar and within a day I had +500 registered "participants" with dubius email addresses. My question is: How is it possible that this could happen if I am asking each participant when they register, to include the country? The folks at GoToWebinar suggested a password or manually approving registration, but this would be challenging with the number of registrations we receive. Help? 

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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Spam bots registering for webinars

Hi @AdosMay,

I'm sorry for the troubles you've experienced with the webinar registrants.

Even 'required' questions can still be programmed to repeat on a registration page, though it is possible to set the webinar to approval only for the purposes of screening the registrant data beforehand.


We are currently working on some additional security measures for GoToWebinar registration pages, such as CAPTCHA functionality.  Be fure to subscribe here for these new updates: