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Unable to extend existing on demand webinar

Hello!  I have an existing on demand webinar that I created on 1/4/2021.  I would like to extend it's availability date.  They currently expire 1/4/2022. 


The webinar contains training content and the URLs are published to both internal and external stakeholders.   I understand that I can "copy" a webinar, however, I would like to continue to use the existing URLs as they have already been widely published an distributed.  I would hate for the stakeholders to click on their links and find them expired.  Keeping the same URLs would also save my team a lot of work in updating various documentation that point to the existing webinar URLs.


At the time of webinar creation, I was able to use the furthest out date possible that the UI would allow me to (i.e. 1/4/2022).  However, now that the expiration date is drawing near, I'm trying to get a head start to extend it further.  


When I edit the existing webinar, I get this option:



When I click the "Ends Next Day" link (which is really the entire box), the UI gives me options to modify the original Session 1 Start Date or add new sessions. 



In my attempts to add another session (e.g. Start Date = 1/4/2022), I get a "Webinar Update Failed" message.



I also try to add another session with a start date of something prior to the current webinar end date (e.g. Start Date = 11/17/2021) but still receive the same Webinar Update Failed message.


Any help would be appreciated.  I'm not sure if GoToWebinar just caps any webinar to be no longer than one (1) year from the original webinar creation date or if there truly are options to extend a non-expired on demand webinar further.


Thank you!


I've seen two other posts on this topic but neither solution worked for me:

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Unable to extend existing on demand webinar

@LesterA  I'm afraid this may be a limitation of the GoToWebinar scheduling system currently, where each event can only last 1 year in length (from date of scheduling).  I will however, double check with the team to see if there are any solutions to this in the future.